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Modular Shelving Systems designed specifically for the evolving Pharmacy.

Integrated solutions for visual merchandising together with practical hygienic storage.

Over 60 Years' Experience.  
Over 10,000 Stores Serviced.

Pharmacaem: Precision engineered pharmacy shelving & drawers


When It Comes To Pharma Shelving You Can Trust CAEM.

Pharmacies are not your average retail premises, the unique nature of the products they serve requires a different approach to shelving and storage.

CAEM deliver aesthetically pleasing, durable metal shelving and replace timber work with modular shelving solutions which are quick to install and adjustable.

MedicalBox provides an extensive range of drawer cabinets, whilst Medidrawer offers modular drawers and this together with PharmaLab worktop counters integrates seamlessly with our display units.

Storage And Merchandising Solutions

For the Caring Profession

Customers who go to a pharmacy are in need of a solution to a health problem.

As a result, shoppers engage with the retail displays differently, they look, they pick up and they carefully read the packaging.

It is therefore important to ensure the merchandising is attractive, practical and very functional.

CAEM offers a range of possibilities including metal or glass shelving, hygienic, practical storage drawers and worktop counters which are available in an array of beautiful colours to match any branding.

By replacing timber work with hygienic shelving solutions, you can ensure your pharmacy is a safe and nice place to work and shop.

In a busy pharmacy, you need shelving that maximises sales and helps reduce the need for staff spending time reorganising products.

Pharmacaem can provide this solution.

With our 60 years experience, CAEM have an extensive range of shelving and storage specifically designed for retail pharmacy.

Select from a portfolio of merchandising shelving designed to maximise retail potential, then enhance your storage with modular drawers, cabinets and worktop counters to create a customer shopping experience second to none.

CAEM's 60 years experience in retail shelving is the guarantee of durable, fit for purpose products.

What Is Pharmacaem?

Developed as a result of CAEM’S in-depth knowledge and experience in retail shelving, Pharmacaem is a complete programme of modular metal furniture created specifically for the pharmacy industry.

Built using our revolutionary M25 shelving system, a 25mm shelving system with a wide array of design options.

Pharmacaem is available in over 30 colours and is held in stock by Caem UK.


Lighting merchandise can lead to increased sales, so enhance your Pharmacaem shelving using our bright Ardente LED lighting system.

Learn more about Ardente
CAEM Shelving UK Pharmacy

Self Service Has Never Been This Efficient

The key to maximising retail potential within the pharmacy industry is to create an in-store environment that allows the customer to browse and engage with the merchandise.

Pharmacaem is unique shelving that provides a delightful customer experience for both the shopper and retailer alike.

Replacing traditional timber work with attractive colours, glass or metal display shelves which are extremely durable and quick to install delivering practical product merchandising.

Our Pharmacaem range doesn’t stop at over the counter retail solutions.

We have taken our 60 years of retail shelving experience to create a bespoke solution for the busy lives of Pharmacists.  Allowing enhanced performance of product organisation and sterile medicine dispensing while increasing product storage capability.

The Pharmacaem behind the counter range is poised to help you to efficiently run your growing pharmacy business.

Beautiful performance shelving, created especially for the pharmacy sector.

Behind The Counter Efficiency

  • Frosted acrylic drawer fronts to ensure medical confidentiality is maintained.
  • A choice of angled drawers that allow for easier visual product identification.
  • Lockable bar to reduce the drawers springing back.
  • 100 % accessibility ensuring you have maximum storage space.
  • Drawer Cabinets and Modular Drawer units ideal for storage & dispensing.
  • PharmaLab worktop counters allow a hygienic space for preparing prescriptions.
  • Optional dividers which can be adjusted to reflect stock make it easy to separate different product types.

Save time | Look better | Sell

CAEM Shelving UK Medidrawer

The Pharmacaem range makes your products stand out to maximise retail performance and sales.

We understand that as an evolving pharmacy owner your shelving solutions need to be flexible and help you organise, save time and maximise space while optimising retail sales.

This is the Pharmacaem difference.

Modular, bespoke solutions, helping you to be the best you can be.

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The Caem Promise


With over 60 years of experience in retail shelving, when you buy from CAEM you are in safe hands. However to ensure you receive both a high-quality service and a top performing product we have developed the CAEM promise.

At the heart of the CAEM promise is our core 3 core commitments.

  • We promise to LISTEN to you, our customers.
  • We promise to ACT on the information that you give us.
  • We promise that our services will have a positive IMPACT on your business.

CAEM is a family business with family values. We believe in honesty, transparency and trust. When you trust CAEM with your business, we will move mountains to ensure you have a product that supports your retail business and helps to boost retail sales.

Our shelving is built with performance in mind. Engineered by experts and delivered with efficiency.

That is the CAEM difference.