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Dynamic Shelving Solutions
for all the UK’s retail Sectors


CAEM UK provides shelving solutions for all the nation’s retail sectors, including: supermarkets, pharmacies, DIY and hardware stores, toy stores, homewares and warehousing. Whether you are a major retailer or a small boutique, CAEM UK has what you need to take your store’s retail performance forward and drive sales.

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You may opt for one of our four permanent shelving systems or a combination in conjunction with our Ardente Lighting System. Your project may be to refit one store, roll out an entire suite of store upgrades, or simply to optimise your point of purchase displays. Whatever it is, we have a range of possible solutions that provide quality, flexibility and durability. Our systems are modular, with a plethora of accessories and available in over 30 colours.

We don’t just leave you to it; we work with you to devise the best course of action and to determine the products that would most benefit your business, creating an in-store experience that your customers will come back to again and again.

That could be working with your existing shelving for a facelift or finding compatible modular units that will work with your current shelves. If we have no standard solution that fits then our in house team can developing custom solutions to your exact needs. Our state-of-the-art powder coating system means our shelving can even be customised to your brand for a consistent look and feel. That means your store will be a beautiful place to be, unique and stand out from your competitors!

Our constant commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint means that our products are designed to be recycled and evolve with your growing business. Not only does that benefit the environment. That means cost savings for your company.

    Take a look at our individual client sectors to understand more about how our products can work in your store.


    Firstly, retailers can work with us to create store concepts that you can replicate to maintain brand identity and customer experience in all your individual outlets.

    For shopfitters, you can rely on our permanent stock to obtain shelving within a short time scale. Our account management team ensures you're always in the loop and receive the best customer care.

    Finally, we work with designers to help you solve problems not currently catered for with existing shelving stock. Our rigorous design process produces quality shelving concepts that stand the test of time.

    Whatever you're looking for, you can rest assured our teams are ready to offer you the right solution.


    Quality Assured Shop Shelving Units
    and Solutions for our Clients


    Whether you’re a retailer, shopfitter or designer, CAEM will work with you to realise your store vision through our shop shelving units. Our clients come from many sectors, for instance, supermarkets, DIY, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and and more.

    For over 60 years, we’ve been turning your store concepts into a reality, always with an ear to the ground listening out for evolutions in shelving and store formatting. Therefore, we can easily cater for a range of shelving products and services that suit a variety of needs.

    Lets start a project together

    We know that no two stores are exactly the same. For example, what works in a homeware store can’t be replicated in a garden centre and vice versa. Each client has their own set of priorities.

    Having said that, all our clients have a few things in common: they are all looking for quality shop shelving units, built to last and able to increase sales.

    We help clients to maximise traffic to their store, retain customers and increase profits. CAEM products are compatible with most brands. Above all, they are attractive, functional and durable.