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Behind every great retail store is shelving that has been precision engineered. Shelving that holds your goods and displays them to maximum effect.

Shelving that helps you to serve your customers.

And when it comes to shelving you need the experts.

We have been engineering shelving systems for 60 years, supplying large retail chains to small family run businesses.

Our passion is to combine the intelligence of engineering with the power of display.

The result is precision engineered shelving that is designed with the customer in mind. That is the CAEM difference.

Gondola Shelving Systems

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Here at CAEM you have the ability to choose from 4 unique and powerful Gondola shelving systems. And using our state of the art technology you can check our stock levels with the click of a button.

Our Shelving Systems


If you are looking for state of the art shelving, precision engineered to maximise merchandise space then The High Performer M25 is for you.

A modular shelving system based on 25mm upright slots with central back panels that save 6% floor space or increase 6 % shelf surface. The slim shelves of the M25 can increase facing merchandise by as much as 15% The M25 combines elegance with performance and is trusted by thousands of retail stores.

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M25 Caem Shelving

S50 - The Ultra Compatible

If you are already using 50 mm shelving the S50 is for you.

Designed to work with retailers and shopfitters who already use 50 mm shelving, the S50 allows greater flexibility due to its instant compatibility with the customers existing 50 mm shelving. It is perfect for those customers that wish to consider additional shelving and display options in the future due to our immense range of accessories and shopfitting solutions.

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S50 Caem Shelving

TN9 - The Legend

If you are looking for a shelving system that combines longevity with adaptability our super durable TN9 shelving system is for you.

First developed in 1958, this popular product is perfect for wall and gondola units and has proved one of the most well-known products in the shelving industry. The TN9 comes with 3 different height variations for base shelf levels with increased durability due to the use of plasticised material for the main panels. With a range of fixing and accessory options, The TN9 is a firm customer favourite.

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TN9 Caem Shelving

UNIZINC - The Director

Behind every great production is a great director. And make no mistake retail is a production.

You will have your star products, your supporting cast and behind the scenes those that make the front of house look amazing. The Unizinc by CAEM is the director of retail shelving. Strong and reliable. It helps you to maximise your retail potential by doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes of your retail business. CAEM’s engineering mastery has never been displayed more powerfully than with the Unizinc. Created with a specialised technology that folds high strength steel to deliver a high loading capacity. It is a system that is built to last and built to help your business.

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UNIZINC Caem Shelving

Our Lighting


Statistics show that shelving units with the correct lighting can sell 5 times more merchandise.

For this reason, CAEM created Ardente.  A bright LED lighting system that works for all types of retail shelving.  Ardente is a unique lighting system designed with the retailer in mind.  Particularly easy to install on metal shelving with all magnetic fittings.  CAEM engineers have taken over 60 years of retail shelving experience to create a lighting system that maximises the retailer's chances of sales, allowing you to install Ardente no matter what shelving system you own.

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ARDENTE Caem Shelving

Shelving systems in up to 30 colours


You can purchase our shelving systems in up to 30 colours, making CAEM one of the most flexible shelving solutions for your business.

From Black to Ivory, we have a colour choice that will help to make your products stand out.

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The Caem Promise


With over 60 years of experience in retail shelving, when you buy from CAEM you are in safe hands. However to ensure you receive both a high-quality service and a top performing product we have developed the CAEM promise.

At the heart of the CAEM promise is our core 3 core commitments.

  • We promise to LISTEN to you, our customers.
  • We promise to ACT on the information that you give us.
  • We promise that our services will have a positive IMPACT on your business.

CAEM is a family business with family values. We believe in honesty, transparency and trust. When you trust CAEM with your business, we will move mountains to ensure you have a product that supports your retail business and helps to boost retail sales.

Our shelving is built with performance in mind. Engineered by experts and delivered with efficiency.

That is the CAEM difference.