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Back of House and E-Commerce

Shelving that Stands the Test


Back of house or e-commerce shelving requires a different approach to retail display. Customers may not see it, but that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, your warehouse shelving needs a special kind of attention. It doesn’t necessarily look the part, but it still needs to sell. CAEM back of house shelving helps you to store a huge number of product lines, and keeps products clean, dry and ready to be sold.

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e-commerce shelving CAEM
e-commerce shelving CAEM
e-commerce shelving CAEM
e-commerce shelving CAEM

Back of House and E-Commerce Shelving for All Environments

Your back of house shelving has many more demands placed on it than standard shop shelving. Storage rooms can be cold and even damp, so you need shelving that will withstand these challenging environmental factors and keep product off the floor.

In addition, stock can be heavy, so shelving that is able to withstand heavy loads is essential. CAEM has ranges designed especially for these weightier products.

How often do you give your store room a makeover? In comparison to front of house shelving, your back of house setup doesn’t get replaced or refreshed as frequently. That means that when you install your store room shelving, it has to be long lasting.

CAEM shelving is in it for the long term. It works hard for you in the background keeping your goods looking the part. Plus as a bonus, our shelving keeps looking great with its scratch resistant coating.


Back of house shelving made for the long-term…

…even in extreme environments


CAEM has been providing fulfilment shelving for 60 years, servicing over 10,000 stores. Our products are durable, strong and practical so you can trust your decision to work with us.


Product overview

Extreme temperatures can put any shelving system to the test. The Unizinc is ideal for temperatures as low as -25 degrees. Not only can it sustain heavy loads in cold warehouses, it even looks stylish with its scratch-resistant finish. The best part? It’s always in stock.

Our back of house range of shelving systems are available in a huge number of configurations. This means you can request a flexible setup that is ideal for your unique e-commerce store room or warehouse. We can even work with you to create completely bespoke elements that match your specific requirements.

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    See the Shelves that Work for You