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With a period of lockdown coming to an end, soon many retailers will, if they haven't already, be opening their doors to customers again. With a new focus on customer safety these retailers will be implementing a range of measures to support this effort. This could include: Till Shields, Gloves Dispensers, handing out masks and face coverings and of course hand sanitiser stations at entrances and throughout the stores.

To this end numerous vendors are hitting the market with hand sanitiser solutions and retailers are doing what they can to implement solutions to combat the spread, and keep people hygienic.

All solutions are not equal!

Working extensively within the retail sector the CAEM team are always watching what is going on, both in the market and in the shops themselves. We believe it is important to look at the measures being implemented and discuss the issues. What follows are a number of real life examples that have been implemented by major brands in the UK, and the issues with them. Obviously this is to drive awareness of our own product but equally to ensure that retailers (and those in businesses with need for these solutions) are aware of the issues and potential dangers of implementing a quick or slap dash solution. Where possible the brands in question have been hidden or removed.

Quickly implemented solutions:

Though it seems like a good idea to jump onto the supplier that can supply a solution as fast as possible, or at the cheapest price, it's not necessarily best thing to do. In this image we see dispensers, that do the job, but they are far from well designed, they are not aesthetically pleasing, unbranded and have numerous issues:

  • Not touchless - cross contamination risk.
  • Dosage potentially not regulated.
  • Expensive and wasteful.
  • Not very mobile.
  • Excess gel (that has touched others) falls into a shallow tray, very close to the dispenser.

Quickly implemented gel dispenser

Tissue and paper towels:

Many retailers are simply adding gel dispensers and tissues at the entrance to their stores. While this seem ideal, these are both wasteful and actually pose risks. As with the above solution, a pump dispenser risks cross-contamination, as do the tissues, from people handling the packaging. Unless there is a regularly emptied bin, there is a risk that the area quickly starts to become unsightly and further, having tissues soaked with gel with an often 70% alcohol content poses a potential fire risk.


  • Often not touchless - cross contamination risk. 
  • Dosage potentially not regulated (foot operated units are even less accurate!).
  • Expensive and wasteful.
  • Not mobile at all!
  • Using too much gell and cleaning off with tissue results in mess and potential fire hazard!

Tissue and Gel Sanitiser

Dispenser on the wall:

Wall fixed dispensers are a cheap way to quickly implement sanitising facilities to a store, indeed CAEM offers a stand alone dispenser as a part of our offering, without a stand. But the type in the image to the right, whilst providing gel by the cash machine may not be dispensing the right amount, and pump dispensers of this type bring an inerent cross contamination risk.


  • Not touchless - cross contamination risk.
  • Dosage potentially not regulated leading to costly waste.
  • Messy with no drip tray can result in slippery floor.
  • Can’t be moved to where it’s needed.

Wall mounted sanitiser


Yes, believe it or not some stores are resorting to the zip tied bottle approach. Whilst it's a good temporary measure, it's far from the ideal. It could just looks like a retailer isn't willing to invest in its customer safety.


  • Looks unprofessional.
  • Hard to re-fill.
  • Not touchless - cross contamination risk.
  • Dosage not regulated.
  • Messy with no drip tray can result in slippery, dangerous floor.

bodged hand gel install

CAEM Hand Sanitiser Solution:

As you can see above not all sanitiser solutions are the same. CAEM has a long history of R&D and developing the best solutions for retailers. Our solution has been carefully and considerately designed and produced to ensure a robust yet light unit that is useful in numerous enviroments, a touchless dispenser to avoid cross-contamination and more, units and gel refills that are provided at a very attractive price point.

Key points:

  • Looks professional and can be branded to fit your store*.
  • Mobile - Move it easily around your premises.
  • Touchless - No risk of cross contamination.
  • Dispenses measured amount of gel, avoiding waste.
  • Drip tray ensures no mess.
  • Sealed unit so no fire risk.
  • Cost effective.

*Given enough volume of order.

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