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The CAEM team pride themselves on the quality of the products they produce and the quality of the service they provide. Whether its in the thickness of the steel used in the product, the paint finish, the range of exceptional custom options or project management, infrastructure or logistics. You can be sure that by dealing with CAEM you're buying a quality product that exceeds your needs and will last many years in your retail store or warehouse.

Also, by buying a CAEM product you will be reducing your impact on the environment. Below are a number of projects and initiatives that are being actively supported by CAEM to reduce its environmental footprint.

We planted 6,000 trees to offset our CO2 emissions

Forest Carbon

CAEM is committed to the reduction of its CO2 footprint. CAEM has partnered with Forest Carbon for two consecutive years to plant almost 6000 trees 1500 tons of CO2 emitted by CAEM, its team and core customers over 2020/2021.

These can be found on the sites at LanternsideTrantrams-mire and Lowther Whale, Cumbria.


So far, together with its partners Forest Carbon has planted 8 million trees in the UK and Ireland (and a total of 10 million globally) in woodlands independently audited and certified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code – the government backed standard that offers corporate partners complete assurance about the high quality of their carbon investment.

In addition to capturing CO2 a woodland also delivers other local and tangible benefits for biodiversity, landscape, flood management, water quality and recreation. For example the planting implemented at Jack's Wood has used techniques (spaces of 8-15m wide between planting) to not just encourage the growth of trees but to also encourage woodland edge. This encourages wildlife to return to the forested area. They are also planting wild-flowers (predominantly Borage - Borago officinalis) to attract and supply nectar and increase bee populations.

Since 2006 projects implemented by Forest Carbon and its partners have removed nearly 2 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Andy Magrini, MD of CAEM introduces our Forest Carbon site in Cumbria

Steve Prior discusses how Forest Carbon and projects such as Jack's Wood Work.

Andy Whitworth discusses Jack's Wood, the first project supported by CAEM.

We reduced our plastic use by more than 40% by improving our packaging technology.


CO2 offsetting is just one of the initiatives being undertaken by CAEM. The team is constantly looking for ways in which it can reduce consumption of materials, reduce the usage of non renewables and overall reduce its impact on the environment.

CAEM has reduced its plastic packaging usage, moving from thermal wrapping, to extensible wrapping films, this has reduced plastic usage by around 40%. In many cases deliveries to clients can even be done wrapping free, reducing the burden on the planet. This also means that customers are left with less rubbish to deal with.

With an extensive factory and storage facility CAEM is also now installing solar panels across the estate to help generate clean energy. 

Finally, CAEM has also invested in the circular economy, launching reverse vending machines via a sister company, Recyclever. These machines aim to support emerging national initiatives that aim to recycle more containers, reducing waste and material use. 

The above video features an interview between Helen Hauck of IFS and Andrea Magrini, MD of CAEM. In this they discuss the sustainable activities being undertaken by the CAEM business.


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