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Retail Shelving for Designers:

Make Your Shelving Designs a Reality


We love to create customised shelving for designers. Are you undertaking a project where an off-the-shelf retail solution doesn’t meet your requirements? Do you need something custom? Work with CAEM to create the perfect mix of standard and bespoke shelving systems, and options that work for your clients.

We know a thing or two about engineering custom shelving and the needs of designers. Get in touch and our expert team can help to minimise your headaches.

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shelving for designers
shelving for designers
shelving for designers

Custom Shelving for the Modern Retail Designer

If you have a vision of how something ought to work or look yet you haven’t found the right system, then there is good news. The development team together with the experienced engineers at CAEM are on-hand to help you develop your product. In fact, we’ve worked with many designers throughout our 60-year history and can help you to smoothly develop and deliver your product to your customer.

CAEM also has a bank of concepts so we may already have something that’s either on point, or close to what you need already.

  • Over 60 years’ product development expertise
  • Designed with sustainability, quality and durability in mind
  • Visual concepts to share with clients
  • Prototypes to explore functionality
  • Full testing before launch
  • Consultation and feedback throughout

the process

CAEM works with you to develop your proposed product or custom items. From our experience we can look at the current plan and advise you on possible problems and solutions.

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve and the shelving system in place we can help support you by ensuring compatibility and advising on colours and the options available to you.

When we develop custom options for you, our team can devise visual concepts and renders before development commences. These can then be shared with your client for their feedback. This happens before prototyping takes place.

After prototyping, we begin our testing and quality assurance phase before handing it over to you. We keep in touch with you during all stages of the project. Once you’re happy, the designs will then be kept on file for future use.





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