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Maximising Sales Performance


with CAEM Shelving for Discounters

CAEM has enjoyed great success developing bespoke shelving for discounters nationwide. Some, you’ll definitely have heard of. Sales in the discount sector have grown exponentially over the past decade, yet so too has the competition.

You can count on CAEM to find you the solution that will display your goods to their best effect. We will also create an in-store experience that makes customers ready to buy and wanting to come back.

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shelving for discounters
shelving for discounters
shelving for discounters
shelving for discounters

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Discounters are seeing more and more competition. To beat them, you need bespoke shelving that will drive sales. CAEM has a proven track record of success in the retail sector and will take your current system to the next level.

The wide variety of items stocked in a discount store creates a unique set of problems for merchandising. Knowing how to display a vast number of product lines and get them noticed is a challenge for any retailer. Furthermore, different products require a different shelving solution. For example, you don’t display indoor stationery items as you would heavy duty garden items.

CAEM, therefore, lets you combine different shelving systems to cater for all types of stock. In addition, with our modular systems and wide range of accessories, you can build creative displays to get all eyes on your star products.

What’s more, the first rule of merchandising is to regularly refresh your displays, keeping promotional stock moving throughout the store for maximum visibility. 

Our shelves are flexible and light in weight to allow for easy manoeuvrability. Your staff will thank you for choosing a system that makes their job easier and lets them feel safer.

Below, one of our Discounter cusomers:


Shelving that gets you noticed

Combine shelving systems to display a wide range of products


With 60 years’ experience and 10,000 stores serviced, when it comes to retail shelving, we know what we’re talking about. Trust CAEM to elevate your store in the eyes of the discount shopper.


Product overview

Maybe you need flexible, modular displays with lots of accessories to showcase your selection of goods. Or perhaps you need something hardy and durable for a heavier product. In any case, CAEM’s got you covered.

CAEM provides various shelving solutions for the discount retailer and can develop a bespoke solution in line with your needs. Our shelving products are available in over 30 colours to match your branding. What’s more, you can take advantage of our Ardente Lighting System to highlight star items or create a comfortable browsing experience.

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