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Delectable Supermarket Shelving

for Food Stores


CAEM supermarket shelving for food stores is flexible and easy to install. Our modular shelving complete with gondola ends are lightweight, catering for a fast-paced industry where promotions and product lines are regularly changing. You need a shelving solution that puts clever merchandising and retail performance at the forefront.

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supermarket shelving
supermarket shelving
supermarket shelving
supermarket shelving

Our Shelving for Food Stores AllowS
for Frequent Restocking and Changing Promotions

Shelving is not just furniture. The right shelving is essential for displaying and storing produce, especially since food items get replaced more often than non-perishable products. Therefore, shelving has to support easy stock replenishment. CAEM has the best equipment to present a varying selection of constantly changing items.

In addition, it’s got to be able to tackle the rigours of cold storage, be easy to clean and be durable enough to handle a range of items.

Shelving needs to help entice customers through well-curated in-store merchandising that presents goods attractively. The shelving should maximise available space, advertise promotions and be light in weight for regularly changing POP areas.

Shelving and the retail environment should match your branding. With our innovative powder coating system you can customise your shelving in one of over 30 colours. Don’t let your shelving be the weak link in your food store.


Shelving systems flexible enough to change with your promotions

Practical, durable and attractive display shelving


CAEM has a pedigree in high conversion retail shelving in many sectors including supermarkets and food stores. Having serviced over 10,000 stores in our 60-year history, we are in a good position to offer our expertise to food retailers on what will work for you.


Product overview

Food retailers often opt for the TN9, a versatile shelving system that has been trusted since 1958. This shelving saves you space with its efficient back panels. It’s highly durable, it’s modular and has a range of accessories to handle many display requirements. However, if flexibility and good use of merchandising space is what you’re after, the M25 is the shelving for you. It can give you up to 9cm extra shelving real estate to display even more goods.

In addition, Unizinc is the number one choice for cold storage and freezer environments as it’s able to support temperatures as low as -25 degrees.

The Ardente Lighting System is the perfect addition to any shelving system to highlight key products and promotions.

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