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Durable, Flexible and Strong Shelving

for Garden Centres & Outdoors


Shelving for garden centres poses unique challenges for the retailer. The many different products for sale demand individual approaches to storage. At the same time, you must keep the customer experience at the heart.

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shelving for garden centres
shelving for garden centres
shelving for garden centres
shelving for garden centres

An Atypical Retail Space Requiring a Bespoke Solution

Selling wide-ranging goods from machinery to small tools, garden centres are not your typical retail environment. How do you find a shelving solution to cater for such a variety of products?

On the one hand, you need a strong, durable display stand to take care of heavy duty tools and tolerate knocks and bumps. On the other, you require something for delicate plants, that can endure contact with water and weather conditions.

Always with sales performance in mind, our shelving for garden centres combines flexibility and durability to match the needs of your diverse product lines. Furthermore, it’s essential a store offers a positive experience that makes customers ready to buy.

With CAEM, you can feel safe knowing we're working with you to find a solution that is compatible with every product section you house within your store.


Bespoke shelving systems to cater for all product lines

Durable and strong while withstanding outdoor conditions


CAEM has over 60 years’ experience working with garden centre retailers. We’ve brought high-performing retail shelving to over 10,000 stores.


Product overview

With a mix of our legendary shelving systems, the TN9 and M25 with the Iron Fist, we were able to drive up sales for a well-known high street retailer selling garden products.

In addition, our Unizinc system comes into its own in cold and freezing temperatures. It has a scratch resistant finish making it a long-term product for heavy duty items. Combine the above with our Ardente Lighting System for indoor homeware products, and you’re onto a winner for attracting customers.

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