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CAEM has a Pedigree When it Comes

to Healthcare Sector Shelving


CAEM are experts in Healthcare sector shelving. Our precision-engineered, focused systems are attractive, safe, hygienic and easy to install.

Our shelving systems come with a wide selection of accessories too, ensuring you can customise them to your exact needs whether front or back of house. Get the perfect tailored solution for your store and products.

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healthcare sector shelving
healthcare sector shelving
healthcare sector shelving
healthcare sector shelving

Built with Safety in Mind

We know how important your reputation is to you. Your equipment and shelving provide the foundation for a hygienic environment when offering medical supplies, so why not use the experts in healthcare sector shelving?

We don’t just make shelves; we offer an array of storing systems including drawers and dispensing areas that will instil confidence from staff and customers alike.

Our healthcare shelving and storage solutions are designed for the needs of the industry, being secure, strong, hygienic and easy to re-configure. Ensure the security of your products and implement an overall system that keeps working for you for many years to come.


Healthcare shelving you can trust

Durable, safe and hygienic


With over 60 years’ experience creating bespoke healthcare sector shelving for over 10,000 stores, we think we know what we’re talking about. Work with us to implement a clean, safe and attractive healthcare environment.


Product overview

It’s not just the practicality that matters. People judge you by appearances. That’s why our products are designed to look the part. We achieve this with scratch resistant surfaces and optional colour finishes to comply with your vision.

From lightweight, hard-wearing, load-bearing systems perfect for front or back of house to flexible, modular mix and match solutions complete with accompanying accessories, we’ve got all your healthcare shelving needs covered. No two stores are exactly the same. We work with you to design a system that will be the perfect fit for your business.

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