How CAEM Helped Home Bargains To Increase Sales Of Garden Merchandise

How CAEM Helped Home Bargains To Increase Sales Of Garden Merchandise


In this case study, we are going to show you how Home Bargains worked with CAEM UK to create a Garden Centre Experience in over 20 stores and subsequently helped to increase sales.

Home Bargains is one of the UK’s leading retailers and tie joint 6th with Apple in the ‘Which?’ List of the top 100 stores.

With over 500 stores nationwide Home Bargains has become one of the nations most loved retailers as they combine a luxury brands shopping experience with a budget price tag.

However, Home Bargains wanted to upgrade their instore Garden section, launching Garden World at Home Bargains.  Having previously worked with CAEM they chose us again to support this project.

Prior to this project, Home Bargains were storing goods outside but didn’t have an actual Garden section with bespoke developed modular display fixtures and they felt this could be improved upon and in the process enhance the customer's in-store experience.

After completion of the project, Home Bargains had a dedicated Garden Centre area with performance-focused shelving displays that were built to withstand the British weather and Home Bargains were so pleased with the results they have rolled this out to a further 20 stores and counting.

And now, we are going to take you through their journey from design to completion, to give you an insight into the difference that CAEM shelving can make for your business.

Why Home Bargains Selected CAEM


There is a wide range of shelving suppliers in the world, yet Home Bargains chose CAEM for their outdoor merchandise project, why?

The major reason is that Home Bargains was already a very satisfied customer of CAEM’S. Having installed shelving through their 500+ UK stores, they were familiar with our team, our product range and our capacity to deliver tailored design solutions.

They were confident that CAEM could engineer a robust shelving system that not only looked great but also integrated with their existing shelving.

And we were more than up for the challenge.

Turning 2 Different Product Lines Into One High Performing Display


Overcoming The Cold Weather

Home Bargains needed to have a display that was able to not only take the weight of items such as bulky fence panels, butbe aesthetically pleasing and also able to display lighter options such as flower baskets.

Our design team worked with Home Bargains to ensure they received a product that was high on looks and packed with functionality.

One of the core aspects of CAEM shelving is that it is built with performance in mind. Shelving is the bridge between products and customers so to maximise retail opportunities, your merchandise displays need to show products in the best way possible while also retaining the functionality of storage.

It is this fine balance that separates CAEM shelving from being ‘mere shelving’. CAEM shelving is like a retailer having extra sales staff. Staff that are always on duty and always showing your merchandise at it’s best.

For the Home Bargains project, CAEM used TN9 & Iron Fist Display Solutions.

TN9: The Immortal of the shelving industry.  TN9 has been used by retailers since its creation in 1958. It has a combination of durability, strength and also has a wide range of accessories.

Iron Fist:  A new generation of pallet racking, with a load capacity of up to 30,000 kg and with beams allowing flow range of up to 4,500 kg per pair.  The Iron Fist beams are produced with the latest technology where the iconic ‘U’ joint increases the load capacity of both beam and frame.

The CAEM range was perfect for Home Bargains project.


British weather is not known for its long glorious summers and mild winters.

Britain can be a cold, wet and windy nation for several months a year and with temperatures dropping to as low as -14, this means that any display or shelving system that is being kept outdoors needs to be built to withstand this climate.

CAEM shelving is incredibly durable and is built to deliver long-lasting retail performance, however, to meet the needs of Home Bargains CAEM went a step further.

We galvanised the chosen shelving and redesigned the mechanical tolerances to ensure that it would not only perform after installation but survive the extremes of the British climate.

What Home Bargains
Thought About CAEM


In recent months CAEM has developed The CAEM Promise.

It is our commitment to you, our customers.

  • We promise to LISTEN to you, our customers.
  • We promise to ACT on the information that you give us.
  • We promise that our services will have a positive IMPACT on your business.

It is this promise that we aim to uphold for every client that chooses CAEM as their shelving provider.

So, what does Home Bargains think of CAEM’s work with their project?

We are pleased to say that Home Bargains were happy with the overall look and quality of the products. They only requested a few changes to the displays and CAEM were more than happy and able to accommodate this.

20 Stores are now complete and there is a noticeable upturn in Garden merchandise sales at the completed outlets.  More Garden Worlds are being added to the Home Bargains estate on a regular basis.

How CAEM Can Help You


Before CAEM


After CAEM

Now that you have learned how CAEM helped Home Bargains, it’s time for you to consider upgrading your existing shelving to the CAEM range.

Our retail shelving experts are on hand to assist you to reach your business goals.

From our robust, hardwearing racking to our shelving systems, available in a variety of colours, CAEM offer tailored bespoke design solutions, built for retail storage performance and longevity.  

Talk to us today and we will use our skill, expertise and extensive range to create a tailored display, storage and shopping experience just for you.

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