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How Naylors Equestrian Went From Renovation To Retail Store Launch Within A Month

When Naylor’s needed to renovate premises for their NEW equestrian, country and pet retail store in Cannock Staffordshire, CAEM shelving and installation services provided the quality solution to complete the work quickly and efficiently, to meet their deadlines.  


How Naylors Were Able To Go From Renovation To Launch Within a Month

M25 Caem Shop Shelving

Naylors Equestrian has been serving the pet, country and Equestrian market since 1965 and in 2007 new owners took on the brand and started to take Naylors into an exciting new direction.

Since then they have expanded to several large retail premises and in late 2018 they purchased their latest 10,500 square feet premises located in Cannock, Staffordshire.

The challenge Naylors faced for this project was transforming the premises developed for its previous owners into a retail store that matched the needs of the Naylors customer and product base.

With a combination of light products such as clothing and extremely heavy goods such as Horse feed, Naylors required shelving solutions that were both flexible, compatible and that also maximised retail performance.

After working with CAEM Shelving, Naylors were able to launch their new store and in the process were able to:

  • Install shelving that was able to carry horse feed of up to 20 kg (yet still look great in the front of house).
  • Install both fixed and slanted shelving that would maximise sales.
  • Were able to increase the width of the aisle space to maximise greater retail space.
  • Match the brief set out by the designer to create a functional yet elegant store layout.

And we are going to show you each step of how Naylors were able to launch by working with CAEM and achieve these results.

How Naylors Discovered CAEM

M25 Caem Retail Shelving

Like many of our customers, Naylors came to CAEM when they were looking for parts for their shelving systems.

One of their stores already used the TN9 shelving system, but Cannock was a completely blank canvas.  Having first been developed in the 1950s, the TN9 is the legend of the shelving industry and had previously provided an effective method of storage for other stores.

However, once Naylors had discussed the options with the retail shelving experts here at CAEM, it was clear that they wanted a more slimline and modern look to their shelving.

With its modern look and high performance, the M25 was quickly identified as the right choice for Naylors.  Developed after 60 years of retail shelving experience, M25 is CAEM’s high performing, flagship shelving system.

It features a precision engineered ultra-low base giving retailers an incredible extra 5mm of retail space and our Hanging Epos system.

The Hanging Epos system alone can provide up to 90mm of extra merchandise space.

But there was one problem, the extreme weight of some of their products meant that the M25 could not be used throughout their store.

Fortunately, CAEM had another stylish shelving system that came to the rescue.

How Naylors Were Able To Install Shelving That Was Strong Enough To Cope With Heavy Items

Caem Unizinc Retail Storage Racking

With a wide selection of horse feed weighing up to 20kg, Naylors required shelving that could carry serious weight, yet be attractive enough to display in the front of their store.

Enter The Unizinc: The director of shelving.

Here at CAEM we lovingly refer to the Unizinc as the director because it is the shelving system that supports numerous businesses in their back of house operations.

We used the latest technology to fold steel and provide the Unizinc with its incredible high load capacity, yet with its glorious scratch resistant zinc finish, the Unizinc is fast becoming a shelving system that not only features in the back of house but is also right there at the front.

Helping retailers to both store goods in the back of house and also sell merchandise at the consumer-facing area of the store.

Ultimately, Naylors felt that using a combination of our high performing M25 shelving and the sturdy yet stylish Unizinc would be ideal for their store.


How CAEM Overcame A Building Barrier To Increase Naylors Instore Aisle Width

Caem M25 Shop Shelving



Naylors then decided to use CAEM’s installation service to ensure the shelving system was fitted by experts with a deep understanding of our product.

All was going well until our installation team uncovered an issue in store.  The stud walls were not correctly aligned, but the CEAM team were quickly able to get this sorted and were able to adapt the already assembled shelving to fit the correct dimensions.


Meeting The Designers Needs With Our Colour Range And Shelving

M25 Caem Retail Shelving

For 60 years CAEM has enjoyed the privilege of working with retail store designers and helping to breathe life into their in-store designs.

When the designers for Naylors had created a specific look and feel for the store in mind which involved the colour of graphite grey; as we are able to make our shelving in a wide array of colours, this wasn’t an issue.

Here at CAEM we can create shelving in a wide range of colours and it’s the adaptability and unrivalled choice which has made CAEM a firm favourite for designers looking to add the wow factor to their store designs.

Another challenge that CAEM needed to meet was the shelving Naylors required needed to have the capability of being both fixed and at an angle to allow a better retail experience.

Fortunately, this is a task that the M25 was more than able to handle.  The unique pivot mechanism meant the needs could be fulfilled by the M25 and the results speak for themselves.

Caem M25 Shop Shelving

What Naylors Thought

The Team at Naylors strive to provide a unique and pleasant shopping experience for our customers and one that reflects the quality of the range of products we have on offer.  To deliver this whether for the pure equestrian, the country enthusiast or the pet lover, Naylors pride themselves in their displays and visual merchandising which is underpinned by the quality shop fittings sourced from professional companies such as CAEM.


Naylors said ‘the Team at CAEM provided a great service and a quality shelving solution for the myriad of products stocked, from horse and pet treats to riding gloves and walking socks.  CAEM are without doubt a pleasure to work with, they always to the extra mile to provide what is needed to complete what can sometimes be a complex project.’


Here at CAEM we love working with a wide range of retailers and Naylors was a great brand and team to work with.

To recap:

They had purchased their latest retail premises and wanted to create a stylish yet functional retail experience for customers, with adaptable shelving which could be moved if required and was able to both hold extreme weight items and look great at the same time.

CAEM were chosen to support Naylor’s mission and using a combination of our high performing M25 shelving and our super strong Unizinc breathed life into the store layout.

Naylors also used CAEMs installation team who despite facing some unforeseen difficulties were able to react quickly and keep things on track.

The result was that in November 2018 Naylors opened the doors of their Cannock retail premises where the functionality and beautiful shopping experience could be seen by the Staffordshire and West Midlands consumers.

Now it is your turn.

Are you about to launch a new retail location and need a high performing shelving solution, or perhaps you are looking to renovate an existing store?

Either way, the CAEM team of retail shelving experts are on hand to help you.

Get in touch to experience the CAEM difference.

Because when you need retail shelving, you need CAEM.

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