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Let Your BOTTOM-LINE See the Light
with Ardente Retail Shelf Lighting


Retail shelf lighting highlights your products, showing them off to their best advantage. A great shelving system only takes you so far. Help customers avoid analysis paralysis by focussing their attention on the products that benefit most. The Ardente Lighting System signposts your customers to your high-ticket items through clever use of lighting. Our clients experience 10% sales increase!

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Increase Your Retail Sales Performance with the Right Lighting

An illuminating study from Germany has shown that good use of retail shelf lighting contributed to an upsurge in sales for a fashion retailer of 12%. Imagine your customer enjoying the cosy atmosphere generated by well-balanced lit merchandising throughout the store.

This is a reality with Ardente. You can be selective over which products you make shine using the LED lighting and use tube rotation to adjust the direction and intensity of the light. Our LED bulbs are designed to last and are incredibly efficient making them very cost effective to run. In addition, Ardente is easy to install with magnetic fittings suitable for any metal shelving. The built-in diffuser ensures even distribution of light for reduced glare and comfortable browsing.






LED tube rotation technology allows you to highlight key products and create the right ambience.

You can still choose Ardente and fit it on your metal shelving, whichever brand it is. 


Our bright LED tubes have a built-in diffuser which reduces glare and provides uniformity of light. This provides a comfortable shopping experience.

For added flexibility, the Ardente LED tubes can be orientated to direct the light to offer maximum illumination to your products.
Easy to install

With magnetic fittings, Ardente lighting is compatible with every metal shelving system.
Energy efficient

Designed to last longer and keep your energy costs down.

With a built-in Aluminium strip, the LED lights dissipate the heat making them safer and longer lasting.

Ardente is tested and fully compliant with all UK/EU current standards.

retail shelf lighting

Showcase your best products


YOUR RETAIL SUCCESS is our Number One Priority

Ardente lighting is fully compliant with EU and UK standards. Partnering with a world-class manufacturer, we use only the best transformers designed to keep shoppers safe. These transformers can handle any wattage and are encapsulated for safety so you can rest easy when planning your merchandise displays.

  • Retrofitting capability to adapt to existing shelving
  • Feature lighting improves customer experience – expect sales up 10% minimum
  • Tube rotation to direct light towards key products
  • Magnetic fixings to easily fit to any metal shelving system
  • Available with enclosed transformers for enhanced safety
  • Built in aluminium strip evenly distributes heat for a longer lifespan

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