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M25 – The Space-Saving Flexible Shop
Shelving System for the Agile Retailer


The CAEM M25 shop shelving system brings the ultimate in flexibility to your retail store. It’s all about space and how you want it configured. Never again be at the mercy of fixed shelving that gives no room for manoeuvre. Choose to maximise isle space or retail space. Choose the colours and options that most effectively display your chosen products. The M25 has options.

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Re-design the shopping experience with innovative shop shelving

Not only does the M25 shelving system save you space – It lets you decide where you save the space. Whether you want to display more products or give your customers room to wander the aisles, it’s totally up to you!

Taking advantage of all the best engineering techniques, the M25 combines strength with practicality while resisting torque. The innovative design of the upright and base joint creates the strength to withstand heavy loads. The base sits low down so that retail space is not wasted. This offers 5cm extra display space. In addition, the centralised back panel means you can choose between 6% more floor area or 6% more available shelving for your products.

Below: M25 being used in BodyProject in Austalia (See the Case Study here).




      Strength, flexibility, innovation


      Decide between more merchandise space or aisle space. Thanks to the unique central back panel technology.
      Heavy load-bearing

      Able to handle heavy loads even with its ultra-low 10cm base.

      Hanging EPOS System makes products easily accessible and provides a whopping 9cm of extra merchandising space.
      On brand

      With 30+ colour options, M25 shelving system can match your brand.


      The world-class stage to present your products


      Hanging EPOS System

      The M25 shop shelving system works in conjunction with hanging EPOS, a flexible departure from traditional fixed EPOS, which often reduces the accessibility of goods. The hanging EPOS ensures these products are more accessible and provides up to 9cm extra merchandising space.

      Put your shelves closer together and merchandise more without restricting access to your products.

      • Ultra-low base offers 5cm of extra merchandising space
      • Centralised back panel gives flexibility over where you save space
      • State-of-the-art shop shelving incorporating the most innovative engineering techniques
      • Load-bearing joint design to handle heavier products
      • Comes with hanging EPOS system to create even more merchandising space
      • Available in 30 colours