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e-commerce shelving CAEM
e-commerce shelving CAEM
e-commerce shelving CAEM
e-commerce shelving CAEM

Shelving that facilitates the busy tradesperson

A happy customer is a repeat customer, especially in the merchant sector where you know that most customers will return often. As we see it, you need to keep them satisfied in two key ways.

First of all, your customers need quick access as time is money. No one wants to be searching high and low for a particular product while still on the clock. You have the job of displaying your goods safely and securely while offering easy access for a busy tradesperson.

Secondly, you need to ensure the products’ condition is preserved, so shelving must reduce risk of damage.

Merchant products are often heavy and cumbersome or small and easy to get lost.

How do you display heavy duty items next to small tools and give equal prominence to them all? For all of these requirements, we’ve got your back.


Solutions to display large and small merchant product

Durable, innovative, solutions-based shelving


With 60 years’ experience developing shelving and storage solutions for the merchant sector, believe us when we say we know what we’re doing. Not only are we selling a product, we are offering our expertise.


Product overview

For strong, heavy duty displays, we have our Unizinc range for handling heavy goods. Unizinc comes into its own in cold temperatures. Our M25 delivers on its load bearing reputation with innovative joint design. Beyond these standard shelving systems, you’re entering the realm of the Iron Fist, our pallet racking technology which can handle loads of 30,000kg.

Find out about your shelving options

e-commerce shelving


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