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Customised Shelving Design
for New Store Concepts


CAEM is at the forefront of shelving design with a 60-year history of engineering shelving systems. We understand that sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just doesn’t cut it, and you need something individual. That is where our engineering expertise comes in. We can design a bespoke product to fit your needs, either through the customisation of our existing shelving range or through the engineering of something completely new.

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shelving design
shelving design

State-of-the-Art Shelving Design for Your Store

CAEM puts a market leading shelving design team at your disposal. Our experts can help you to realise your vision, taking your design concepts from ideas to reality. We help you to develop the custom look and items you need to make your store function as you require and stand out from your competitors.

Custom items are developed with two values in mind: quality and durability and take the form of two distinct groups. First, ideas based on our time-tested shelving systems. These can be tweaked to encompass the look and feel or include the features you need. The second group are specials. We may have already got something we have developed previously, or it could be a unique item, built specifically for you.

  • Reusable design concepts for future stores
  • Developed with durability, practicality and finesse
  • Adheres to high quality standards
  • Benefits from precision-engineering and powder coating
  • Adjustable for future tweaks and customisation
  • Can be recycled or renovated

    Working with CAEM

    We start developing concepts in a number of ways. From an architect’s brief, your plan, a sketch or a render. We can also meet with you in person to gain an understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

    Then our Research and Development Team take on the task of gathering further information about your existing store format and fixtures. They delve into your store aesthetic, products to be displayed, modular requirements and proposed budget.

    From there, our design team create visual concepts and renders for you to get a glimpse of the eventual design. If necessary, we will develop a prototype, or series of prototypes, to explore the functionality. When you agree, then the development team manages the manufacture of the final product.

    That’s not the end of the story. We test the products, collect your feedback and perform quality control to ensure the product is fit for purpose. Once approved, the product can be reserved for your individual use, or added to our catalogue with designs saved for future use.

    Throughout the process we liaise with the project manager obtaining approval at each stage. This means we're always listening to what you want and keeping you in the loop with our progress.

    We see it as a long-term relationship, working with you to realise the store concept and components that will bring the most benefit to your business. Because it shouldn't be a case putting up with what's already out there and not making a fuss - Innovation is key to our philosophy.

        New Development Process


        We take your idea and turn it into a brief.

        We begin developing your custom shelving solution.

        The CAEM technical team produces visual concepts of the eventual shelving design.

        Then they create prototypes for the solution.

        Our testing phase ensures the product meets all quality standards and matches your requirements.

        During the approval phase you can give your feedback, confirm the price and approve the final product.

        The product is then launched and added to our catalogue.


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