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Bespoke Pharmacy Shelving

for the 21st Century


Specialist pharmacy shelving is necessary because your pharmacy customer isn’t your typical browser. They have worries, concerns and health anxieties. They need a front of house area that puts them at ease, with product stands that give them access to the information they need. Far from looking clinical, with Pharmacaem they step into a calming oasis where they easily find the products they're searching for.

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Pharmacy Shelving CAEM
Pharmacy Shelving CAEM
Pharmacy Shelving CAEM
Pharmacy Shelving CAEM

Visually-appealing front of house shelving integrated with hygienic storage

Pharmacaem is a multi-faceted approach to the pharmacy retail environment. We provide a raft of quick to install options including adjustable modular shelving. We update the pharmacy environment by offering a range of aesthetically-pleasing metal shelving and timber options designed with longevity in mind. We’ve developed efficient storage solutions so staff can do more of what they what they do best – serving and advising customers.

In the shop zone, you need a clean, calming area that’s well-lit, making use of beautiful cabinetry.

Pharmacaem achieves this by adapting the M25 shelving system and combining it with the Ardente Lighting System. You can choose between metal or glass display shelving and add a dash of colour.

For back of house drawers and shelving, pharmacies benefit from our bespoke “behind the counter” range. 

This prioritises product organisation and sterile medicine dispensing. Features include frosted frontage on medicine drawers, angled drawers to aid the visibility of products, dividers to separate items out and hygienic worktop counters.

Below: One example of a pharmacy install.


Precision-engineered pharmacy shelving and drawers

For the pharmacy that’s evolving


"Off-the-shelf" shelving just doesn’t cut it for pharmacies. We combined our 60 years of pharmacy expertise to develop Pharmacaem: a range specifically developed to meet the needs of pharmacies.


What is Pharmacaem?

Pharmacaem is CAEM’s pharmacy shelving and storage range. A huge suite of modular furniture solutions with a variety of design options and custom touches to meet your individual needs.

The specific products you can expect from Pharmacaem include:

  • MedicalBox drawer cabinets
  • Medidrawer modular drawers
  • PharmaLab worktop cabinets
  • M25 shelving with Ardente Lighting System
  • Glass or metal display shelves
  • Frosted acrylic drawer fronts to keep customer information safe
  • Angled drawers to see more products
  • Lockable bar to stop drawers springing back
  • Drawer dividers