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Point of Purchase Shelving to Enhance

Your Promotional Displays


The key to increased sales is strategic use of your point of purchase shelving. It’s these displays that tell a customer where to look for your special offers and high-ticket items. Therefore, your shelving needs to be as creative as your ideas. CAEM has just the right solutions.

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point of purchase shelving
point of purchase shelving
point of purchase shelving
point of purchase shelving

Put your best products forward

Point of purchase shelving is not just any shelving. Your primary goal is not to simply store items, but to showcase your best ones. Analysis paralysis makes shopping stressful, since no customer likes having to make too many decisions. That's where your POP areas come in; to show them where to look and what to focus on.

Therefore, the shelving needs to adapt to your products, promotions and your best ideas. POP shelving systems need to be lightweight and flexible for a rapid turnaround of promotions. They also need to be easy to install with accessories to effectively support different packaging types.

Although often temporary in form, your POP shelving and storage racks need to match the rest of your branding. CAEM’s products are available in over 30 different colours to complement your existing shelving.

Finally, how does your customer know where to look? With Ardente LED Lighting, you can draw your customers’ eyes to the promotional items with ease. Ardente acts as a spotlight on your best products, but also adds a touch of elegance and glamour to any shopping experience.


Point of Purchase shelving to make your products pop…

Lightweight and flexible with a range of accessories


CAEM has been creating practical and stylish point of purchase areas in stores for 60 years. We know the score and we're constantly evolving our technology for the modern retailer. Trust us to find a bespoke POP shelving solution for your store.


Product overview

CAEM provides a range of solutions perfect for serving point of purchase areas. For example, our TN9 modular system offers a multitude of configurations to adapt to your merchandising needs and comes with a range of accessories to allow numerous product display configurations. Another favourite, the M25 system is an ultra-low base solution which offers you more retail space or floor space depending on how you set it up. It also works with our hanging EPOS system to create more store space for merchandising. The Ardente LED lighting solution helps you to more effectively display products, and direct customers to them. It is energy efficient and compatible with any metal shelving.

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point of purchase shelving