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CAEM Promotional Bulk Display Units

Promotional Bulk Display Units

The CAEM in-house research and development team and engineering teams are often designing bespoke customer offerings to provide a particular function or to fit in with an existing look and feel.

One example are the custom built bulk display units. These were developed to match the colour, look and feel of a customers existing shelving systems (themselves supplied by CAEM).

Designed around a wire structure without large, solid elements, even heavy items can be piled high without the risk of fall. The solid bases are extremely strong and have a large footprint which allows for many varieties of product to be displayed side by side. POS can be easily and quickly added along the top of bottom.

The transparent nature of the side and back allow the goods to be seen whilst held securely. The wire is powder coated in dark grey and the base has a hard wearing plasticised coating to provide resistance to goods being repeatedly loaded and unloaded.

Like the promotional wing units provided to the store, the units are modular, simple to assemble and flat packed resulting in reduced transport costs. They can also be dismantled to reduce storage cost at the back of house.

If you would like to see more on this solution or you have a particular requirement then talk to a member of the sales team via our contact page. Or call us on 01782 794500.

CAEM Promotional Bulk Display Units
CAEM Promotional Bulk Display Units

CAEM Promotional Bulk Display Units

CAEM Promotional Bulk Display Units


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