CAEM Quality Policy

CAEM designs and manufactures shelving systems to supply the retail industry with display and storage solutions.

We aim to provide quality products effectively and efficiently which satisfy our customers’ and stakeholders’ requirements whilst complying with statutory regulations. We are committed to exceed clients’ expectations as often as possible to continually improve their satisfaction.

We adopt accurate and efficient processes to minimise any deficiency in activities, products or services.

External and internal risks and opportunities are regularly reviewed with objectives set to continually drive improvement throughout the organisation.

To achieve this, we operate a fully implemented Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring its compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

We encourage our staff to be actively involved in the QMS system. Their understanding of its importance of their roles and the business processes contributes towards the success of the company and their personal growth.

The Managing Director is committed to the continual improvement of the QMS by ensuring that all staff are given training, support and the opportunity to contribute to it.

This policy will be reviewed annually to guarantee its effectiveness and continual improvement throughout the company.

Date: 22.05.2021

Internal Ref: QF05 Rev 2

The Latest version of this policy can be downloaded here.