At CAEM UK we have the interest of retailers at heart and thrive in developing new products and services.

Our proven service to ‘recycle & renovate’ old fixtures has developed in to a reliable success story for our clients.

With the retail industry facing new challenges everyday, we have combined our 30 years' experience in the UK with our large storage facility and our state-of-the-art in house powder coating system to support their needs.

To continue to grow, retailers face continual consumer behaviour which pushes them to improve onsite merchandising, refurbish stores and in some cases even relocate.  The most cost effective and sustainable way to do this is to integrate the requirement of new shelving with the re-utilisation of existing shelving.

CAEM is one of the UK leaders in recycling and renovation of shelving.  We have developed processes with clients to guarantee effectiveness and transparency of products returned to us for refurbishment.  Our tailored IT system stores live records of shelving owned by the client, precisely by pallet location.

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The fixtures may look tired, but thanks to our in house powder coating system, we can renovate the fixtures without added transport and logistical costs.  We control the entire process internally, and this is a guarantee of quality and cost effectiveness.

The goods in team will book in your used shelving after a visual assessment.  Items deemed not suitable for future use would be quarantined and we would gain the client approval prior to arranging recycling.

Our experienced powder coating team understands the technical specification of the shelving components and ensures the precise powder thickness so the modularity and installation of recycled components are guaranteed.

The capability of changing the fixture colour provides a huge advantage if the retailer wants to create a new colour scheme.  Typically, this would mean purchasing new shelving, but not with CAEM, you can use the same shelving, which can be powder coated in a new colour then integrated with new displays developed especially for you.

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This offering can be set up with a simple Service Level Agreement, Forecasted Storage and Powder Coating requirements.  The receipt of old shelving, storage, pick & pack is normally built into a monthly fee, then over spraying is charged separately.

Over the past few years we have seen clients reducing their shelving costs by half thanks to CAEM’s ‘recycling and reconditioning’ service.  In some instances the retailers savings have exceeded half a million pounds a year.

Contact CAEM to arrange your store fixtures sustainability assessment and start to enjoy massive savings for your shelving projects.

Whether for new stores, refurbishment or roll out projects, CAEM are confident we can work together to deliver innovative, cost savings for your individual needs.



CAEM co-ordinate pre-qualifying meetings involving all stakeholders to agree the scope of the project

Stakeholder Involvement

Customer representatives, H&S Managers, Shopfitters, Transport Operators and all other stakeholders input into the process.

Scope of Work Agreed

Full details of the work to be undertaken is documented and approved by all parties.

Second Hand Shelving Collection

Collection arranged – Inbound quality control initiated – Products booked into the CAEM electronic warehouse system.

Quality Checks

Caem will check if the components received are fit for purpose mechanically and aesthetically.


If quality is not satisfactory we will spray the products in our in-house powder coating system to the required colour.

Delivery Request

Customer requests products to be delivered. We check in our electronic systems to assess what is recycled stock and what new products are required.

Picking & Packing

Custom stillages are used to retain product quality and reduce cost.


Date and time agreed by project managers.




Our friendly and highly experienced team is on hand to help you to gain the best shelving system for your needs.

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