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Shelf Recycling and Renovation
Helps You Cut Costs


Shelf recycling is more than just a possibility, it’s an easy solution to a retail problem. Shop refits, changes in business and opening new stores all require significant investment in your store furnishings. And what do you do with the older shelving systems? There is no need to decommission shelving that has a perfectly good life span. As and when your new stores spring up, imagine having a bank of shelving and storage parts ready to access? Equipment you’ve bought before so you don’t need to buy new? You don’t even need a warehouse to keep them in.

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  • To save 50% of your store fixtures cost
  • To revamp more of your stores with the same budget
  • To save the planet


  • Ideal for retailers with continuous store relocation activity/tired estate/multiple sites.
  • Monthly reporting of your stock at CAEM's premises thanks to state of the art WMS.
  • In-house powder coating system: the old shelving becomes new again.
  • Safety remains top priority.
  • Speak with the experts: we've been doing it for more than 10 years.
  • Peace of mind: we do everything, you save money.


    shelf recycling

    Old tired shelving is dismantled and sent to our plant in Stoke on Trent.

    shelf recycling

    When the shelving arrives it is categorised and graded.

    shelf recycling

    Each item is manually checked for damage and general condition.

    shelf recycling

    Shelving graded high enough is sent to be refurbished and re-powder coated.

    shelf recycling

    Damaged or poor quality shelving is responsibly recycled.

    shelf recycling

    High quality shelving is re-finished in its original colour or changed as requested.

    shelf recycling

    If required refurbished shelving is stored in our state of the art warehouse.

    shelf recycling

    When the shelving is required it is carefully packaged and sent out.

    shelf recycling

    The shelving is then ready to be re-installed in its new home.

    Shelf Recycling and Renovation: Cost Savings You Can’t Ignore

    A major retailer client of ours saved over £500,000 in 2019 as a direct result of our shelf recycling and renovations service.

    Our well-honed and streamlined renovations service simplifies the process of dealing with shelving stock once no longer required. In addition, if you’re happy with your current shelving but want to make it work with newer systems, we can give your older shelving a refresh with our powder coating system.

    Once it’s stored with us, you don’t have to worry about it. You just give us a call when you want it returning and we’ll organise getting it to you.

    • Use your existing shelving for new projects
    • Able to integrate with new shelving
    • Powder coating to refurbish old shelves
    • Change your shelving colour entirely
    • Save costs on your refit by renovating and recycling
    • Quality guaranteed

      We Return Your Used Shelving to as Good as New

      When you no longer need your current shelving, we'll collect it from you. Our triage team assess its condition and decide if it can be reused straight away or if it needs repairs. Any shelving not fit for purpose can be sent to our repair centre.

      In our repair centre, the team carries out fixes to ensure your shelves work properly and are compatible with newer shelving. The repair centre boasts a state-of-the-art powder coating system to renew scuffed paint and scratches. You can even opt to change your shelving colour entirely to match any new branding. All this work takes place on site to reduce logistics and transportation costs.

      We then store your shelving in our storage facility and log your items on our internal system. Once you decide you would like to use your shelving for a project, we will pick it, pack it and deliver it to your store fitters.

      The advantage of recycling and renovating your used shelving is that you don’t have to get rid of shelving that still works. If you don’t need it right away, you can keep it with us for the time being. Once installed alongside your brand-new shelving, no-one will be able to tell the difference between the new products and the refurbished ones. This saves you money and helps the environment.

          Recycle and Renovation Process


          Preliminary meeting with you and your stakeholders to discuss the project.

          Receive input from H&S managers, shopfitters, transport operators and other stakeholders.

          Decide all the details of the work, which is documented and then signed off by the stakeholders.

          Shelves are collected by CAEM and then booked into the CAEM electronic warehouse system.

          CAEM checks the components are suitable for reuse, renovation or recycling.

          Shelving that looks worn out gets upgraded with a new coat of paint from our in-house powder coating system at our on-site repair centre.

          When you require your shelving for a project, contact us. We then check our system to assess how much recycled stock you have available and what you need to purchase.

          Your shelves are picked from our warehouse and prepared for delivery using customer stillages to keep your goods safe on the road.

          We deliver your shelving to your store fitters in line with a day and time set by the project manager.



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