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CAEM understands the pressures on retail and the need for efficient, sustained, reliable sourcing and storage of Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) items, in this case Shelving and Racking.

Shelving is a huge expense and pressure for any retailer. This comes not just from the initial purchase cost, but the ongoing storage, maintenance and replacement. CAEM is not just able to supply your business with new shelving in any of 30 colours and numerous systems, but it also can help to store, sort and renovate your existing infrastructure stock.

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Shelving consolidation is more than just a possibility, it’s an easy solution to a retail problem. Shop refits, changes in business and opening new stores all require significant investment in your store furnishings. And what do you do with the older shelving systems? There is no need to decommission shelving that has a perfectly good life span. As and when your new stores spring up, imagine having a bank of shelving and stored parts ready to access? Equipment you’ve bought before so you don’t need to buy new? You don’t even need a warehouse to keep them in.


  • Don’t keep stock of shelving yourself, use our specialist storage facility.
  • Our Inventory Management solutions keep you abreast of your infrastructure stock.
  • Avoid the cost of sorting and replacement with new stock. Reuse not replace.
  • Stock when you need it, where you need it.

    Dedicated, Teams, Facilities and Systems to Support You

    As part of CAEM’s extensive site in Stoke On Trent, together with manufacturing facilities the building contains a consolidation and equipment refurbishment centre. This is saving retailers thousands of pounds by removing this burden from their teams.

    CAEMs dedicated support team give a single point of resolution for infrastructure related issues. Our dedicated team and systems catalogue your items, and ensure you are always aware of stock levels. We make it possible for you to react at short notice to any requirements your stores may have. We can help you to easily plan phased rollouts or fulfil in-store change programmes. We can help you through the support of any ongoing or upcoming store redevelopment programmes.

    Our services are completely scaleable and cover your estates wherever they may be. In our specialist centre we can also manage refurbishment and disposal of any items that are not up to standard. Our refurbishment services support you in keeping your stock fresh and ready to go, while minimising waste, driving down costs and maximising profitability on your investments.

    Whether you are moving, closing, opening or refreshing your stores we can help you to make the process, fast, efficient and cost effective.

    Refreshing and refurbishing:

    CAEM are committed to the environment and sustainability. We operate a ‘Zero to landfill’ policy for our customers that ensures that any damaged or corroded items are disposed of sustainably and any items that still hold value are returned back to you for re-use.

    shelf recycling

    Old, tired shelving is dismantled and sent to our plant.

    shelf recycling

    When the shelving arrives it is categorised and graded.

    shelf recycling

    Items are manually checked for damage and condition.

    shelf recycling

    Shelving graded high enough is sent to be refurbished and re-powder coated.

    shelf recycling

    Damaged or poor quality shelving is responsibly recycled.

    shelf recycling

    High quality shelving is re-finished in its original colour or changed as requested.

    shelf recycling

    If required refurbished shelving is stored in our state of the art warehouse.

    shelf recycling

    When the shelving is required it is carefully packaged and sent out.

    shelf recycling

    The shelving is then ready to be re-installed in its new home.


    Our teams are experts in logistics, this allows us to maximise the capacity of our deliveries, increasing efficiency, reducing delivery time and saving you money.

    CAEM Logistics Management

        CONSOLIDATION, RecyclING and Renovation Process


        Preliminary meeting with you and your stakeholders to discuss the project.

        Receive input from H&S managers, shopfitters, transport operators and other stakeholders.

        Decide all the details of the work, which is documented and then signed off by the stakeholders.

        Shelves are collected by CAEM and then booked into the CAEM electronic warehouse system.

        CAEM checks the components are suitable for reuse, renovation or recycling.

        Shelving that looks worn out gets upgraded with a new coat of paint from our in-house powder coating system at our on-site repair centre.

        When you require your shelving for a project, contact us. We then check our system to assess how much recycled stock you have available and what you need to purchase.

        Your shelves are picked from our warehouse and prepared for delivery using customer stillages to keep your goods safe on the road.

        We deliver your shelving to your store fitters in line with a day and time set by the project manager.


        1. What is GNFR? - Retailers are under more pressure than ever to reduce operational costs and unlock the value in their supply chain. One area that can be massively improved is Goods Not For Resale (GNFR). Put simply, GNFR refers to the various goods and services that are integral to your company’s operations. These are those items that form an indirect cost your business, costs that are not included in the direct cost of manufacturing a product or purchasing a finished good for resale. In the case of retailers, the cost of shelving and racking, and their upkeep comes under this banner.
        2. What does GNFR cost? - GNFR can makes up around 25% of a retailers operating costs, so a significant amount. This spend is often neglected, given the level of priority it deserves on the balance sheet. GNFR and the associated supply chain is often viewed as hard to tackle and quantify. This leads to it being either overlooked or not addressed, with attention instead redirected towards core product ranges for customers and other more tangible areas.
        3. How does this effect my business? - GNFR and the wider supply chain represents a large source of untapped savings for retailers. Paying attention to GNFR gives you the power to unlock additional savings and improve your bottom-line performance. By not tackling GNFR you are missing out on the potentially substantial cost savings that are being missed that impact 100% on the bottom line of your P&L.
        4. Partnering with CAEM - Tapping into CAEM’s extensive industry knowledge of category-specific GNFR consolidation could be a simple answer to your needs. CAEM provides you greater control, increased accountability and better visibility of spend on GNFR. CAEM provides a consistent reliable service which works closely with your teams to minimise waste, optimise availability and ultimately, increase productivity and drive down your costs.

        CAEM’s Refurbishment and Re-Use solutions ensure that you are maximising your investment, reducing waste, saving money and helping to reduce your environmental impact.


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