shelving Recycling

In a time of environmental importance recycling is a big part of everyday life, retail equipment / shelving should be no different. CAEM offers a full equipment recycle process that would involve a full amnesty of your stores collating all the unused unloved equipment package this and return to CAEM for storage and re distribution to the stores in need. Returning this equipment will not only free up valuable storage at your stores but will also give you an asset value of YOUR equipment to offset against future refits and store requests.

Many retailers on completion of refits or New store openings dispose of unused shelving to only purchase new again on the following project, COSTING YOU MONEY. CAEM will collate an inventory of your equipment to allow you to call on this before you purchase new. CAEM will work closely with you deign department to make sure that future projects use as much of the second hand equipment as possible to save you money. A Major Retail client of CAEM currently uses this service and on average saves 30% on shelving purchase.