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The Retailer’s Number 1 Choice -
S50: Gondola Shelving System


The retailer’s number one choice for a gondola shelving system. Why? A simple answer. Flexibility. Who knows how your retail store will take shape over time? If you’re just opening for business, the S50 is the perfect system to start you off. Looking to refit your store? The S50 will work well with your existing shelving, and do it cost effectively.

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Future-proof your store with S50 Gondola Shelving

Every retail business is different, yet the S50 works well in any niche. Not only is the S50 compatible with all other 50mm pitch shelving systems, it also works with a vast selection of accessories to style your store for maximum sales.

Not only does the S50 fit seamlessly with other 50mm shelving, it also comes in different widths to offer contrast within the store. You can choose how many shelves to slot into the system so the shelving works around your specific merchandising needs. Choose from a huge range of colours and accessories.





      What you can expect from the S50


      The S50 combines with other 50mm shelving.
      Cost Savings

      Works with your existing shelving to minimise expense.

      Comes in various widths.

      Comes with a variety of accessories for a unique retail experience.


      The flexible shelving system that grows with your business


      Never be tied down by your shelving

      As businesses evolve, so do the shelving requirements. The flexible S50 system can accompany you throughout the lifecycle of your store, providing flexibility whilst complementing other shelving systems, so you never feel stuck with shelving that doesn’t work for your changing business needs.

      No two S50 systems are the same. This versatile display shelving allows you to stamp your fingerprint on a store using its variety of matching fittings and accessories.

      • Range of shelving widths available
      • Fits with any 50mm shelving system
      • Choose the number of shelves per unit
      • Built to last to integrate with future shelving
      • Compatible with a great selection of accessories
      • Comes in over 30 colours from black to ivory