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Precision-Engineered Gondola Shelving Systems
Built to enhance retail sales


Shelving is our passion. With over 60 years in the industry, we have created a sophisticated range of flexible, durable and evolutionary retail shelving systems developed with your exact needs in mind. Having served many sectors within the retail space, we understand the unique priorities of our individual clients.

We’re the only UK manufacturer to have four shelving systems IN STOCK in numerous colour options.


Shelving Systems - IN STOCK - IN 30 COLOURS - IN FEW DAYS

M25 - for higher retail sales

Looking for a shelving system that gives you an extra shelf across your store?

The M25 is incredibly flexible, giving you the choice to add more floor or merchandising space thanks to its ultra-low base and centralised back panel. Gain up to 9cm of extra shelf space with the compatible hanging EPOS system. Its load bearing joint design means it’s able to handle heavy products while still looking stylish.

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M25 Caem Shelving

S50 - Ultra Compatible 50mm

If you need to interchange components with your current shelving, then the S50 gives you just that.

S50 is our 50mm compatible shelving. Whether you’re adding to existing shelving or you’re looking for shelves you can expand on in the future, you can rely on the S50 to play nicely with both CAEM and other 50mm pitch shelving. Choose your ideal width and number of shelves and hey presto! The S50 has got you covered.

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S50 Caem Shelving

TN9 - Loved  since 1958

The original and still one of the favourites among retailers, this modular shelving system was created by Rito Magrini in 1958 and feature the widest range of bespoke solutions.

It comes in three height variations, boasts a range of accessories and is available in over 30 colours. What’s more, it’s durable, thanks to its plasticised coating and will stand you in good stead throughout the lifespan of your store.

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TN9 Caem Shelving

UNIZINC - storage shelving durable & modular

It’s not all about the look and feel in your front of house. You need sturdy, reliable back of house shelving to support heavy stockloads with durability and finesse.

The Unizinc is a major player, being able to withstand temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees centigrade. What’s more, it’s lightweight, making it easy to move around, and boltless fittings mean that it’s easy to set up if you decide to rearrange your warehouse.

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UNIZINC Caem Shelving

led shelf Lighting - IN STOCK


Put light on your high margin merchandise! To complement your existing shelving system, CAEM has developed the Ardente LED Lighting System to show off your high margin merchandise to boost your bottom line.

The right lighting can increase sales by an unbelievable five times, so no store display is complete without our tube rotation technology. Add Ardente to any metal shelving with its magnetic fixings. Its built-in aluminium strip keeps energy costs down and enclosed transformers guarantee safety.

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ARDENTE Caem Shelving



CAEM works with pharmacies across the world and understands the special requirements of the sector. Our precisely developed solutions are perfect for both over the counter and dispensary, including ready scripts and medicine storage.

Pharmacies operate very differently from other retailers. CAEM has developed a furniture programme for all of the pharmacist' needs. Entirely metal therefore durable and clean, the range remains compatible between the sales and the dispensary areas, with obvious advantages of flexibility.

The structures integrate cleverly to deliver over the counter optimised self-service sales, counters that remain adaptable and integrated with drawers and full storage solutions for medicines, P-med and ready scripts. The availability of open drawers, pull out shelves and closed drawers banks completes the range.

pharmatotal - Coming Soon

Pharmacy Caem Shelving

gravity dispensers - reduce packaging to save the planet


CAEM is a forward thinking business that aims to support green initatives and environmental causes where possible. PackFree is a comprehensive range of gravity bin food dispensers designed for a cross section of food, pet food and non food items, allowing consumer to use lighter packaging.

With the need to reduce the reliance on plastic bags within retail stores there is a lot of pressure to move to either more environmentally sustainable solutions such as paper bags, or even to remove packaging all together. With this in mind our PackFree range keeps goods safe and can be used with a customers own containers or with shop provided sustainable packaging. 

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Packaging Free - Caem Shelving



CAEM doesn't only manufacture and sell shelving solutions it also provides a huge range of complementary accessories for retailers in numerous markets. 

The CAEM development team are always developing new products and adding those special items that enhance your shelving and display.

Additionally we have a range of items that are independent of the shelving that enhance your stores as a whole. These include stand alone units, POS solutions, cages and back of house items amongst many others.


ARDENTE Caem Shelving

bespoke design service

CAEM is at the forefront of shelving design with a 60-year history of engineering shelving systems. We understand that sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just doesn’t cut it, and you need something individual. We can help.

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ACCESSORIES - in stock now

CAEM is constantly adding to its range of in-stock items. These are available from the warehouse for immediate delivery. See a range of accessories and custom items which you can buy now.

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Shelving systems in 30 colours - IN FEW DAYS

You can  have shelving systems in your shop in up to 30 colours in a matter of few days, making CAEM the only manufacturer for your unique retail ideas.

From Black to Ivory, from metallic to matt finishes, we have the colour that will make your merchandise stand out.