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The TN9: The Best Modular Shelves on the Market


Created by Rito Magrini in 1958, the TN9 has earned its place in the CAEM Hall of Fame. These modular shelves are beloved for their versatility and durability and come with a great selection of accessories. Retailers across the globe have adopted it over the years and still use it exclusively in their expansions.

Believed to be one of the most flexible shelving systems around, it comes in a range of bay widths and colours, works in multiple configurations and gives you more floorspace.

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Modular Shelves to Create the Right Experience

It's flexible, robust and comes in a range of configurations, so you have options to show more goods to your customers. It’s designed to lower the impact on your shelving footprint saving you valuable floor space. Therefore, your customers have more room to peruse your much sought-after products.

CAEM's unique planks system consists of interlocking 15cm and 20cm shelves. When they interlock they deliver a perfectly flat surface and high weight loading capacity. When a shelf needs moving, it is a lot safer and easier for shop staff to do, thanks to the lighter weight of each item.

TN9 Modular Shelves



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    What does the TN9 really give you?

    Modular shelving

    Individual 15cm and 20cm shelves fit together in multiple configurations to show off your products to their best advantage.


    Long lasting shelving systems keep costs down over the store lifecycle. The unique plasticised steel coating delivers extra strength.

    The selection of accessories available means you can get your store to look any way you want.

    The innovative design ensures that you don’t lose any floorspace when attaching back panels.


    Versatile and designed to last, the TN9 is known as the Immortal


    Trusted for over 60 years

    With 60 years on the market, the TN9 ticks all the retail boxes if you want the best of all worlds: durability, flexibility and compatibility with a myriad of accessories. Set it up to show your products off using one of many configurations. Keep it on brand by adopting one of over 30 colours.

    TN9's planks and back panels are available in extra durable 160 micron plasticised finish when you choose White R903, Ivory 0011 and Grey 9007.

    Use ref code PR903 P0011 and P9007.

    • Modular shelving, Unique Plank System (15cm and 20cm)
    • The widest choice of heights and depths’
    • Unique Multifolded Upright, 90*30 section, 40mm pitch
    • Bay widths available: 45cm, 65cm, 100cm and 120cm
    • Various accessories available
    • Available in over 30 colours

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