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When It Comes To Shelving You Can Trust CAEM.

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Because shelving for the Toy Sector isn’t just shelving, it is a doorway to the imagination of parents and children.

The Toy sector has a special place in the heart of us all. After all, who could forget that feeling as children when you walk into a Toy shop and see the shelves packed with delights you would love to get your hands on.

And so, retail performance has never been more crucial in this ultra-competitive industry.

CAEM has over 60 years of experience in creating shelving solutions for all retail industries and our wide range of shelving products ensures that you will receive a shelving system that matches your needs.

Whatever your needs you deserve a shelving system that combines reliability with retail performance.

From back of store shelving and e-commerce solutions to small independent toy store retail shelving. CAEM can support your needs.

CAEM has over 60 years of experience in providing shelving for the retail industry.

Regardless of your needs, we have a shelving system to match and the expertise to help you. Because shelving isn’t just shelving it is the bridge that connects customers to your products.

Here at CAEM, we offer a wide range of shelving systems to meet your needs.

This includes both shelving and drawers, front and back of shop storage and other shelving solutions.

In addition, we also have our super Ardente Lighting system that can be utilised in all of our products.


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The Caem Promise


With over 60 years of experience in retail shelving, when you buy from CAEM you are in safe hands. However to ensure you receive both a high-quality service and a top performing product we have developed the CAEM promise.

At the heart of the CAEM promise is our core 3 core commitments.

  • We promise to LISTEN to you, our customers.
  • We promise to ACT on the information that you give us.
  • We promise that our services will have a positive IMPACT on your business.

CAEM is a family business with family values. We believe in honesty, transparency and trust. When you trust CAEM with your business, we will move mountains to ensure you have a product that supports your retail business and helps to boost retail sales.

Our shelving is built with performance in mind. Engineered by experts and delivered with efficiency.

That is the CAEM difference.