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Unizinc – The Perfect STORAGE SHELVING


For a powerful workhorse that won’t let you down even in extreme conditions such as in freezers or on the outside, the Unizinc longspan warehouse shelving is ideal. Use it back of house to hold anything, even heavy items, or in your shop itself. Unizinc is a cleverly designed boltless modular solution with a huge range of accessories.

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Carries the Weight and Looks the Part

Benefitting from a hot Zinc dipped, folded steel design and scratch resistant finish, Unizinc can support excessive loads and always look the part. Its boltless fixings and quick shelf fixing technology mean you can set it up without any tools and easily move it around. It also comes with modular sections with mix and match components. The Unizinc is readily available to order in two depths and two widths.

warehouse shelving


At CAEM we have seen the dramatic shift in recent years towards online grocery shopping and rapid delivery services (some claiming to be able to deliver in 10 minutes!). These businesses are reliant on small localised distribution hubs with massive stocks and merchandise turnover. 

It is important that these fulfillment centres hold all the required product lines, allow them to be arranged in an organised manner and provide easy access to the merchandise for fast picking.

Unizinc is the ideal solution for these businesses, with robust steel shelves that will not wear or damage, huge capacity and unlike traditional shelves, open access from all sides. Our customers often combine Unizinc with our range of shelf organisers to quickly build an organised grocery distribution centre. 

The image to the right is of a fulfillment centre belonging to a CAEM client that extensively uses Unzinc.

warehouse shelving




    Why Choose Unizinc?

    Durable & Strong

    High loading capacity with Zinc coated, scratch resistant finish.

    Multi-folded steel for strength

    Extremely strong yet easy to move around the store when you need to.
    Easy to install

    Modular mix-and-match components with boltless fixings. Can be fixed to the floor with optional feet.
    Suitable for cold environments

    Ideal for frozen goods and refrigerated storage.


    The backbone of your warehouse shelving, Unizinc is COMPLETELY metal, zInc coated and boltless


    CAEM Technology at its Best

    The Unizinc longspan marries strength with innovation. The multi-folded steel technology ensures it remains light in weight while able to shoulder the burden of heavy merchandise. Yet it’s not just about the practicality – The scratch resistant Zinc finish means it will look shiny and new years from now.

    The only longspan that avoids chipboard (which won't last long, it has a tendency to swell when wet, break and is inflexible): with UNIZINC you can easily reconfigure your shelving and relocate it. Spend once, use it forever.

    • 250mm high. Available in 40cm and 60cm depths and 120cm or 180cm widths
    • Can tolerate temperatures as low as -25 degrees
    • Resistant to humidity, moisture and corrosion Modular lightweight system that requires no tools for installation
    • Boltless

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